I thank my former colleage Nikolaus Gradwohl for inviting me to review his book about Processing. He is using Processing for many years and was always very creative in inventing challenging hobby projects where he could use Processing. I couldn’t think of anything better than to put these ideas into a book to inspire people to do their own projects and explore the world of programming graphics and audio data.

book cover

This book is not for people who are about to learn programming but for programmers who are looking for nice little hobby projects to improve their skills and having some fun at the same time. The book is not talking about projects but about missions. For every mission you got a briefing, an explanation why the mission is awesome and a debriefing after completing the mission. The last part of each mission is about what else you can do with what you’ve done that is not covered in the book. Some missions requiring some additional hardware to buy e.g. arduino or a kinect camera set. The list of these hardware parts is in the beginning of the book so it is up to you if you want to complete these missions. Whatever your decision will be this book is about creativity and as always it is up to you to be creative. 🙂

This book gives you ideas, pictures, instructions, code samples and lots more. For the lazy kind of people all materials and code snippets are available as downloads from the publisher. Now go for building talking robots, disco dancers, graphical web logs and more. 😉